Following the dying wishes of his mentor Ben Venture searches for the answer to one of mankind’s greatest mysteries. He discovers a secret spanning over 500 years and uncovers the lost history of one of the most powerful brotherhoods in Europe: The Knights Templar. On his search he learns the great secret of his family.


Ben Venture

Marla Craye

Jack Ross



George Sullivan

Lucious Craye

Part One: The Search Begins

Ben Venture returns from a adventure in Tunisia and is given a strange handrawn map by a mysterious stranger in a trenchcoat. After returning to his Massachusetts home he recieves a phonecall telling him his mentor George Sullivan was dying of Cancer. He rushed to his dying friend's bedside. He told him that he was destined to find the "stairway". He gives Ben specific instructions to find this stairway. He told him to go to Rosslyn Chapel in Scotland and find the red book. Then he tells Ben to find the "Tomb of the Golden Man". He tells Ben to have faith in God because it's only through him that Ben will make it through the darkness. After that the life of George Sullivan ends. Ben goes back to his house and contemplates what George told him. He thinks the red book might be a bible but that seemed to common. Then Ben realizes that Rosslyn Chapel supposedly has connections to The Knights Templar, an extermly powerful brotherhood of Knights during the Crusades. According to myth the Templars found a great secret. The next day he went to the library and reasearched the Templars. He meets a young woman named Marla Craye. She was a skeptic about magic and myths. She sees what Ben is doing and thinks this is a great oportunity to debunk the Templar treasure. The two join forces and go to Scotland.

Part Two: Rosslyn Chapel