This story is about a young Henry Walton Jones, Senior who is a Royal Navy Volunteer Reserve member in London and later a Student History at Oxford. The story is about the intriges, with his teacher Helen Margaret Seymour and Drill Instructer Nigel Wolcott and his friends Jack Williams, Marcus Brody, Richard Medlicot, Eric Scythe, Jacques Levi, Walter Harris and Anna Mary Smith. Documented by Henry Walton Jones, himself and Helen Margaret Seymour, in his and her diary.


Henry Walton Jones is a Royal Navy Volunteer Reserve.


Henry Walton Jones, Nigel Wolcott, Jack Williams (Father of Colin Williams), Eric Scythe and Jacques Levi.


Henry Walton Jones is a student History at Oxford. He meets Anna Mary Smith and starts dating her, leading to Indy's birth.


Henry Walton Jones, Helen Seymour, Marcus Brody, Richard Medlicot, Walter Harris and Anna Mary Smith.

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