Indiana Jones and the Dawn of Ragnarök is a sequel to Indiana Jones and the Blade of Heaven's Will. Essentially meant in its own timeline to be Indiana Jones VI and the final installment of the series.


It is 1965,



An ex-Nazi who Indy had hunted for years during World War II in an alliance with the Soviet Union and through manipulating them seeks to kickstart the event of Norse legend known as Ragnarök once he has acquired the substanced known as the Eitr, a liquid substance that was the source of all living things guarded by the legendary serpent known as Jörmungandr. Located in a hidden city within the ocean, that many legends attribute to being called Atlantis. All in one final attempt to purge the world and have it recreated in the Nazis' Aryan image.


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Indiana Jones and the Dawn of Ragnarök

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