Indiana Jones and the Eye of Anubis
Created by
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July 1942
Fan Film
  • Indiana Jones
  • Rick O' Connell
  • Evelyn O' Connell
  • Jonathan Carnahan
  • Ardeth Bay
  • Sallah Mohammed Faisel el-Kahir
  • George McHale


  • Franz Eckhart
  • Imhotep
Veil of Veronica

Indiana Jones and the Eye of Anubis is a crossover movie between The Mummy and Indiana Jones, set in 1942.


Archeologist and OSS agent Indiana Jones and his partner George "Mac" McHale team up with MI6 agents Rick and Evelyn O' Connell to find out about a secret gathering of Nazi occultists conducting a ritual in the German mountains. When they reach area, the O' Connell's are surprised to see Ardeth Bay as a worker. Ardeth tells them that the ritual opens the door to the Underworld. The rituals releases Imhotep who is promised by the Nazis power beyond his own. The group discovers they after the Eye of Anubis, an artifact with the power to control the creatures of the underworld. Together, they must stop Imhotep and the Nazis from getting the Eye in journey from Germany to Egypt and fights with Nazis, mummies, and otherworldly beings.



  • Indiana Jones
  • Rick O' Connell
  • Evelyn O' Connell
  • George "Mac" McHale
  • Jonathan Carnahan
  • Ardeth Bay
  • Sallah Mohammed Faisel el-Kahir
  • Marcus Brody
  • Captain Katango
  • Imhotep
  • Franz Eckhart
  • Hans Schafer
  • Anck-Su-Namun (mentioned only)
  • Izzy Buttons (mentioned only)
  • Anubis (mentioned only)
  • Erwin Rommel (mentioned only)
  • Adolf Hitler (mentioned only)
  • Bento Mussolini (mentioned only)
  • Winston Churchill (mentioned only)
  • Franklin Delano Roosevelt (mentioned only)


  • United States of America
    • Washington D.C.
  • England
    • London
  • Germany
    • Berlin
    • Thule Castle
  • Egypt
    • Cairo
    • El Alamein
    • Siwa
    • Palace of Anubis


  • Eye of Anubis
  • Book of the Dead
  • Spear of Osiris (mentioned only)


  • scarab
  • scorpion
  • snake
  • horse
  • camel


  • OSS
  • MI6
  • Medjai
  • Thule Society

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