Indiana Jones and the Eyes of Eternity is a 2008 fan film starring, and directed by, Chris Stuckmann.


From the director of Indiana Jones and the Jewel of the Forest, Indiana Jones is in 1933, and is back in the jungles of South Africa, hoping to obtain the legendary ancient mask, the Eyes of Eternity. The mask is said to have mystical powers, and is guarded by an evil clan of warriors called the Sata Betos. Also returning is Indy's hilarious sidekick, Asaku, played by Yohei Asada.

Cast and CrewEdit

  • Chris Stuckmann as Indiana Jones
  • Yohei Asada as Asaku
  • MDF as Sato Bul
  • Aaron Mancini as Muleeki the Giant
  • Damien Kilianek and Elliott Fuhrer as Sata Beto Warrior

  • Directed, Written, and Produced by Chris Stuckmann
  • Executive Producer and Edited by Yohei Asada

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