Indiana Jones and the Quest for the Idol
Created by
Da bomba3
Main Characters
Indiana Jones, Colonel William "Red" Smith, Commander West

Plot Edit

Indiana Jones gets contacted by the United States Government to come to an undisclosed location near Washington D.C. Upon going to the location, he is introduced to President Franklin D. Roosevelt and Colonel William "Red" Smith, a German-born, German-raised, former member of the Nazi Party. Roosevelt tells Indy that the Nazis are "up to something" again. And that Indy and Red (Whom is technicaly still a member of the Nazis) have to find the Idol of Xytin, an artifact more powerful than the Ark of the Covenant. Agreeing to the mission, Indy and Red go to Brazil, where they discover the Nazis are already looking for the Idol. Soon, the Nazis capture Indy and Red and are forced by Commander West to participate in the search. Three days after their capture, Red and Indy find the Idol, which West immediatley takes, he then takes them to a secret temple and leaves Indy tied up. However, Indy manages to excape and goes into the temple, where he finds Red, wearing a Nazi uniform. Upon looking in his eyes, it is apparent that he is drugged due to the cloudy grey eyes instead of the green eyes he really has. West chants the incantaction to unleash the Idol's power. However, the Idol begins shooting beams of pure energy from it and this energy first striked West, killing him, the rest of the Nazis begin running trying to excape as the Idol beams out the energy in all directions. During the panic, a knife jabs Red, taking him out of the trance, he grabs the Idol and excapes from the temple unharmed. After returning to the U.S., the Idol is chosen to go to the New York Museum of Natural History for display in 1942. In the meantime, ala Raiders of the Lost Ark, the Idol is put into a storage crate, amongst thousands of similar crates.