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Jean Bethouart is a Vichy French Colonel stationed in French Indochina. He is under orders from Heinrich Von Kreidl to eliminate Indy and Mac.


Early LifeEdit

Colonel Jean Bethouart was born in France, 1888. In 1914, he joined the French Army when World War I broke out. He lead many men into battle, but had some losses. As watched his men die battle, he became mad and commanded his men with an iron fist. He also made his men perform cruel interrogation methods on POWs. His methods were not alerted to his commanding officers, because his men feared him and he was given many medals for his service.

Betraying FranceEdit

After the war, he stayed in the military and prepared his troops for the next war. When the Great Depression hit, he felt that France had become weak. After France declared war on Germany, put in command of a battalion at the French-German border. After being forced to retreat, his madness grew causing a disbute between him and troops. When France surrendered, most of his troops wanted to join the resistance, but Bethouart considered them traitors and executed them. He was awarded by the Germans afterwards and given command of a new division of French forces in French Indochina.

Second Sino-Japanese warEdit

He and his troops fought against invading Japanese forces, but soon were forced to stop when Germany made an alliance to Japan. Although Bethouart wasn't pleased with Japan getting French Indochina, but was fine to see the French still had some control of the land.

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