Karp Ivanov is a Russian spy who helps the Allies. He is part of the famous Trio which consists of him and British operative,and a French man. He was raised in Moscow and his family was rich. He grew up aquiring many skills including speaking many languages, knot tying, pitching a tent, and many other nessecary skills to be like Indiana Jones. He went to some of the best colleges in the world such as Oxford, and Harvard. At age 27 he heard the Russian government was recruting young men to help the Allies as spies and start resistance groups in places that were controlled by Germany. He wears a Red Star and a Hammer and Sickle on his shoulders of his khaki jacket. He also wears the Russian flag on his jacket. Underneath his jacket is a light white shirt. He wears polyester pants and steel toed boots with good traction. His belt carries a pocket knife, rope, walkie talkie, medicine kit, and 2 revolvers.

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