Nikolai Vonivich was a Serbian Nationialist and the main villain of Mutt Williams and the Eternal Emerald dagger. He was a ruthless man who wished to dominate the world in 1960. He is introduced to a 22 year old Mutt Williams when he drives up to him in his 1949 Chevrolet fleetline. He than has his men chase him down. He then tracks him to NY's chinatown district where he has Gangster Go Fang kidnap Mutt however Go fang has his throat slashed by Marion Ravenwood killing him. He than travels to the Arizona desert where he sees the Emerald dagger he picks it up and is killed when the dagger causes his head and spine to tear off he than crumbles to the ground dead in a pool of blood. His name should be Nikolai Voinovich.

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