Richard Harden
Character information







London, England


Dale Barcuelli, Katya Urboski, Adolf Hitler


Indiana Jones


He had a hand into destroying the last remains of Amelia's aircraft, Electra.

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Quote1 Dr. Jones, I feel your adventures of finding is as lost as your sense of humor. Quote2
— Harden (src)

Richard Harden was the main villain of Indiana Jones and the Bermuda Mystrey and siginificant ally of the Italians and the Nazis during the start of World War II. Before leading a Axis crusade, Harden was a professional British air pilot and former Royal commander; learning of, his fellow pilot, Amelia's disappearance, he learns her true reason of traveling around the globe, so he tries to seek it himself. Soon he discovers Dr. Henry Jones, Jr. is after the same thing and is searching for Earhardt; aiming to stop him, Harden allies himself with Italian rebels and Nazis, so they can stop Jones from getting his hands to the Eye of the Devil and finding Amelia. Once inside a underwater tomb, he battles Jones for the Eye, and a crucial mistake sends Harden down to his watery grave.

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